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By focusing only on top quality products from leading animal health manufacturers that meet the stringent requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health, M.P. Vet has become Israel’s leading importer. Our sales team covers all of Israel and has one goal and that is to offer first and foremost cost effective products by an experienced and dedicated team. Customers include feed mills, livestock and poultry producers and veterinarians.

M.P. Vet Ltd was set up in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Tzamal Medical Group. The company imports medicines, vaccines, feed additives and hygiene products for farm animals such as poultry, cattle and swine. The company’s managers have more than thirty years of experience in the veterinary area. Mr. Peter Bachrach, one of M.P. Vet’s managers currently serves as chairman of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce Veterinary Feed and Preparations Division. Mr. Moshe Linevitz, formerly from Eliezer Linevitz Ltd, is one of Israel’s foremost experts in drug targeting and has worked for many years as a veterinary consultant for Israeli and overseas companies.

M.P. Vet is always looking for innovative veterinary products that can be successfully distributed to the growing Israeli market. Special import permits can be obtained for medicines not currently registered in Israel.

Represented companies include: