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About us

M.P. Vet, an importer of pharmaceutical and veterinary products, is one of the leading companies in its field in Israel. A family business in constant development and incessant growth. Its leader, Moshe Linevitz, lives and breathes the industry, as he is the third generation of a well-known dynasty of pharmacists and chemists in Israel.

In its beginnings, the company focused on the poultry sector, until it broke into the field of large farm animals with dizzying success.

In an industry where answers and solutions are constantly needed, M.P.VET is positioned as one of the companies that establishes very high standards of excellence and product quality. A company that works with passion and love for its work.


Our History

Our History

The history of M.P.VET Ltd.

Eliezer Linevitz founded Eliezer Linevitz Ltd. in 1938 as a distributor for the nascent pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Jerusalem. Eliezer's sons, Amnon and Zvi, joined the company in 1958. The third generation of the family, Moshe Linevitz, joined the company in the 1990s.


In 2006, Moshe Linevitz, founded Mpvet Ltd., as an expression of the need for more focused responses to Farm Veterinary, especially poultry. It is responsible of the importation and the registration in front of the high demands of the ministries and regulatory organisms of the Country.

His constant search for high quality products, without concessions, and the importance of creating a relationship of mutual trust with the manufactures, was what promoted a very high and rapid growth.

Starting from a strategic decision, in 2007, Piur Agencies Ltd. was created.

Piur Agencies, is in charge of the marketing and distribution of MPVET products in the local market.

The expansion of the company was based on the penetration in the large animal markets: cattle, goats and pigs, which boosted MPVET to another dimension of activity and volumes.  Seeing our products in each farm, dairy or corral, throughout the country.

Today, the convergence of MPVET Ltd. and Piur Agencies Ltd., constitutes a success of the vision of Moshe and Daphna Linevitz, who worked tirelessly to become today one of the most influential and decisive companies in Israel.


Our History

Moshe Linevitz, ceo.


Moshe Linevitz is the third generation of a prestigious and highly recognized dynasty in the field.

Moshe served in the Israeli National Army (IDF) as an officer, ending his service in 1984.

Being faithful to the family tradition, he continued with the same academic line.

He coursed his studies at two of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East.

He finished his first academic degree at Tel Aviv University in 1989.

He completed his second degree at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, finishing his M.A. in chemistry in 1993.

In 2006, together with Dafna, his wife, he founded M.P.VET LTD., one of the most successful companies in the field of veterinary products for farm animals.

His tireless drive and energy to seek the most innovative answers and come up with the best products have always been a bastion and guide in his work. Contributing to the well-being and development of the national veterinary field and thus constituting one of the most influential pillars in the market of our country.


Company Values

Company Values

Integrity & Transparency

Towards our team and towards our customers and suppliers. Transparency implies trust and human relationships, including commercial ones, are forged with trust.

Leadership & Passion

a company that is passionate about its work and what it does, contagious and transmits that passion and energy to others. A leadership that contributes to teamwork, encourages and promotes the best working environment.

Effort & patience

Constancy is a long-term commitment in which effort and patience converges, pillars with which goals and objectives are achieved.

Commitment and Learning

A culture of humility with new and continuous knowledge are fundamental principles for the success of our company.

7589 - Morality.png


 Quality taken to the maximum, that is excellence. If we demand the best of ourselves, we can give the best.

Ethics & Responsibility

towards the commitments assumed, our clients, colleagues and of course towards our society.

Grouth & Innovation

always looking and betting on the future. Challenging the barriers, we seek not to stay in the conventional.


why us? Because the hunger for success defines us, the history that accompanies us, and the human quality that constitutes us!!!



Daphna Linevitz2.jpg

Daphna Linevitz


Liran Tagar1.jpg

Liran Taguer

Sales Manager

Nadav Carmi.jpg

Nadav Carmi

Office Manager

Gisela Dzienciarski.jpg

Gisela Dzienciarski

Business Development

Moshe Linevitz.jpg

Moshe Linevitz


Ben Ribak2.jpg

Ben Ribak


Peter Bachrach.jpg

Peter Bachrach

Foreign Relations Manager

Our Partners

Our Partners


Our Medical staff

Dr. Dror Reznikoff.jpg

Dr. Dror Reznikov

Responsible for the cattle, sheep & goat department.

Dr. Shmuel Trumper.jpg

Dr. Samuel Trumper

Responsible for poultry department

Dr. Daniel Vald2.jpg

Dr. Daniel Vald

Responsible for the swine department.


Piur Agencies Ltd

Based on a strategic decision, in 2007, Piur Agencies Ltd. was created.

Piur Agencies Ltd, is in charge of the commercialization and distribution of the products in the local market, it is the face of M.P.VET in our country.

Through Piur Agencies Ltd., M.P.Vet. Ltd, understands and recognizes the needs that are developing in the market. As well, the criteria with which the strategies to be followed are defined and decided.

Piur Agencies and M.P.VET. are symbiotic and intrinsic to each other. Converging in a great company that constitutes our family.

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Address: 23 Hachorashim st., Tzur Moshe

Tel: +972-9-776566

Fax: +972-9-8987127



For sending physical mail:

Adress: 2 Harduf st., Kfar Yona

P.O.Box: 2657



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