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Publishing the accessibility arrangements - MP.VET invests resources in order to provide its customers with an equal, respectable, accessible and professional service.

MP.VET operates and promotes the issue of accessibility accompanied by a qualified accessibility consultant. We see customers with disabilities as customers with equal rights, who are entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the company's properties and services.

In accordance with the Law of Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities 1998 - 1998 and the regulations established pursuant to it, we conduct a comprehensive review of all service units, in order to verify compliance with the standards and to examine whether they allow full access for every person. As part of the company's preparations to make the service accessible to customers with disabilities , An accessibility coordinator has been appointed, who has undergone appropriate training at the Chamber of Commerce and is regularly updated on the issue of accessibility. Kalimera will continue to work to improve the accessibility of the service it provides to its customers.



There are currently no known accessibility issues on the site. Did you encounter a problem? Tell us!

We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. So that we can deal with the problem in the best way, please attach complete details as much as possible and contact the accessibility coordinator: description of the problem. What is the action you were trying to perform? What page did you browse? Browser type and version. Operating System. The type of assistive technology (if you used it).

Details of the accessibility coordinator in the company

For more information on the subject, you can contact the accessibility coordinator at our company


Nadav Karmi 050-8220850‬

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